Locksmith scammers trying to use your keys against you

The keys to your home or car could be putting your property at risk as local scammers are coming up with ways to use your keys against you. With the summer months upon us and more people spending time away from home, locksmiths say the numb…

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Difference Between Insured, Licensed and Bonded Locksmiths

Imagine that you live alone and you reach home after a tiring day to realize that you are locked out of your own home. You have an urgent meeting next morning and you start to panic. The instant solutions that you can think of is going to y…

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Search Engines Dodge Angry Locksmith Claims

RICHMOND, Va. (CN) - A Northern Virginia area locksmith who blames Internet search engines for his loss of revenue cannot pursue claims against Google, YellowBook and Ziplocal, a federal judge ruled. Baldino's Lock and Key Service Inc. sued…

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